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Montreal & Laval Spring Cleaning/Fall Cleaning

Smart Maids Spring and Fall Cleaning ServicesThe weather is changing and it’s time to clear the clutter and start fresh! The winter weather surely has taken its toll on your home and as we tend to stay inside more, dust and allergens tend to accumulate. Open your home to us and let us give your home a spring-cleaning or fall cleaning service, which will allow you to enjoy the season dust free. Hire the 2-person teams of Smart Maids for a spring-cleaning or fall cleaning service. Our teams are fully equipped with all of the right tools to be efficient and thorough. Our area of service are Montreal, West Island, Laval, & South Shore Areas.

What We Clean

Compared to our standard cleaning service that consists of a once over, cleaning all of the surfaces and cleaning some of the accessible areas underneath couches, or beds. A spring-cleaning consists of displacing furniture and cleaning behind the couch and under your beds and furniture. Once we have cleaned underneath and behind all of the furniture and wall hangings, we will also take the time to clean your home as we normally would during a standard cleaning.
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Why We Do It!

Keeping your family in a clean environment prevents the spread of sickness throughout the household, preventing allergy and asthma like symptoms. Your busy lifestyle may not permit you to devote 1 or 2 days to complete a deep cleaning of your home, so things tend to get out of hand quick! It’s important to complete a deep cleaning at least twice a year, this will allow you to maintain the up keeping of your home much easier in between the seasons and will provide you with a much healthier lifestyle.
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For over five years Smart Maids™ has been cleaning residential homes, condos and airbnb apartments in the Montreal, Laval and surrounding regions. We value our clients loyalty and strive to give our clients the services and satisfaction they deserve.

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